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Founded in 1974, Historic Seattle is the only nonprofit membership organization dedicated to preserving Seattle and King County’s architectural legacy. Our mission is to educate, advocate and preserve. Visit Historic Seattle’s website for more information about the organization, development projects, events, and advocacy efforts.

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MAin2 is our blog about preservation. The name is rooted in local history, but the blog itself is a fluid medium that looks at past, present, and future. MAin2 is about how preservation is integral to today’s urban neighborhoods and vital to enhancing our quality-of-life.

MAin. SUnset. WEst. EAst. These are old Seattle telephone exchange names that were used over fifty years ago when the all-numeric phone number we know today didn’t exist. MAin was the exchange name for the part of First Hill where the Dearborn House, Historic Seattle’s headquarters, is located. Downtown phone numbers started with “MA.” Ballard was “SU” or SUnset; West Seattle was “WE” or WEst; and Capitol Hill was “EA” or EAst. Our telephone number is 622-6952, or MA2-6952. Check out your phone’s touchpad or the rotary dial on the vintage phone below. Ever wonder what those letters are for?

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MAin2 is managed by Eugenia Woo, Historic Seattle’s Director of Preservation Services.


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