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Historic Seattle 2013 Programs

2013 HS Program Cover_blog

Historic Seattle’s 2013 Programs have just been announced! We are looking forward to an exciting year of tours, lectures and events. Download the Historic Seattle 2013 Program or go to our website for details. You may register online. Some events will sell out so we recommend you get your tickets early.

The first event of 2013 will be Historic Seattle’s Annual Meeting, open to members and the public. Join us on Wednesday, January 23 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at the Women’s University Club (1105 6th Ave) in downtown Seattle.


Grant Funding for Preservation and Heritage Special Projects

4Culture Historic Preservation Advisory Committee tour, Vashon Island, 2004. Photo: 4Culture staff

4Culture Historic Preservation Advisory Committee tour, Vashon Island, 2004. Photo: 4Culture staff

4Culture recently announced its 2013 funding opportunities.

The Preservation Special Projects program offers funding for neighborhood survey/inventory, landmark registration, project planning and more. 4Culture encourages projects that highlight historic places in innovative ways, communicate through new media, and engage people who may not think of themselves as preservationists. Eligible applicants are individuals, organizations and public agencies. Deadline to apply is February 27, 2013.

Preservation Special Projects is a new program. Capital improvement, or “bricks and mortar” projects are not eligible for this program but will be funded through the Landmarks Capital program with an upcoming deadline in May. Learn more about Preservation Special Projects.

Heritage Projects is open to individuals and organizations for support of innovative proposals to document and interpret the history of King County. Heritage Cultural Education will be merged with Heritage Special Projects, to form one funding program. Learn more about Heritage funding opportunities. Deadline to apply is February 27, 2013.

Heritage Turkeys of 2012

Demolition of Paul Thiry Office Building in progress, 2012. Photo: Eugenia Woo

Demolition of Paul Thiry Office Building in progress, 2012. Photo: Eugenia Woo

It’s sad to see so many cultural resources throughout the northwest fall victim to the wrecking ball. Here’s Knute Berger’s Crosscut article featuring his annual list of Heritage Turkey Awards from 2012. In Seattle, northwest modernist architect Paul Thiry’s Office Building was demolished without any review for historic significance. MAin2 wrote about it here. Berger’s article includes the Thiry building on its list of turkeys. 2012 marked the the 50th anniversary of the Seattle World’s Fair and Paul Thiry was the master planner/architect for the fair. The very building in which he created his designs was torn down the same year we celebrated a seminal event that put Seattle on the map–one that Thiry greatly influenced. We’ve been losing a Thiry-designed building once a year in recent years. Let’s hope 2013 is different.

2013 Most Endangered Historic Properties – Call for Nominations

Art Deco style details on front facade of Harborview Hall, 2012 Most Endangered Historic Properties List / Photo: Stephen Day

Art Deco style details on front facade of Harborview Hall, 2012 Most Endangered Historic Properties List / Photo: Stephen Day

Washington Trust Announces a Call for Nominations to the

2013 Most Endangered Historic Properties List

Seattle, Washington:  The Washington Trust for Historic Preservation is seeking nominations to its 2013 Most Endangered Historic Properties List.  Nomination forms may be obtained through the Trust’s website at

Statewide, threats to historic resources include demolition, neglect, incompatible development and insensitive alterations.  These challenges, along with many others, impact properties across Washington that significantly contribute to the heritage and vitality of our state while enhancing the quality of life in small towns, large cities and across rural areas.  Inclusion in the Most Endangered List is an important initial step in advocacy campaigns intended to bring attention to significant historic resources.

Historic properties selected for the Most Endangered list receive support and technical assistance from the Washington Trust.  While the focus is to remove the immediate threat facing historic properties, raising awareness of preservation issues in general remains a programmatic goal.  Through proactive partnering with local organizations and concerned citizens, the Washington Trust’s Most Endangered List program has resulted in many high profile success stories across Washington since its establishment in 1992.

Numerous case studies demonstrate the effectiveness of inclusion in our Most Endangered List.  Harborview Hall, located on the Harborview Medical Center Campus in Seattle, represents such an example.  Last year, the Art Deco mid-rise faced demolition in order to clear space on the medical campus for a paved plaza.  In partnership with local advocacy organizations, local government and elected officials, and neighborhood representatives, the Washington Trust supported a public process enabling interested parties to submit redevelopment scenarios for the structure.  To date, officials are working with a developer on the feasibility of rehabilitating Harborview Hall and integrating it with the mission of the surrounding medical campus.

Communities are encouraged to take action when the historic fabric of their neighborhoods, main streets and rural landscapes are threatened.  Through our Most Endangered List, the Washington Trust offers support with preservation efforts aimed at resolving these preservation challenges.

Nominations to the Trust’s 2013 Most Endangered Historic Properties List are due on Monday, January 28, 2013.  The 2013 List will be announced at the RevitalizeWA conference to be held in Vancouver, WA on May 15-17 as part of the Washington Trust’s Preservation Month programming.

Those interested in nominating a resource are strongly encouraged to contact Chris Moore, Field Director with the Washington Trust, prior to submitting a nomination.  For more information on the Most Endangered Historic Properties List, including a nomination form, please visit the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation website at


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