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Historic Tacoma Facade Restoration Workshop – August 6, 2011

5415 South Tacoma Way / Photo: Lauren Perez

From a news release issued by Historic Tacoma:

Historic Tacoma and the South Tacoma Business District to host free workshop on the Economic Incentives for Facade Restoration

Tacoma, Washington: On August 6th, 2011, from 9am-12pm at Stonegate Pizza, Historic Tacoma and the South Tacoma Business District Association are hosting a workshop on Economic Incentives for Facade Restoration.

This half-day workshop showcases resources that can assist building and property owners with the rehabilitation process: the brick and mortar of facade restoration, financial incentives from the city’s special tax valuation and facade improvement programs, and case studies from property owners that have transformed their buildings. Presentations by local architectural firms including Belay Architecture, BLRB Architects, and Eysaman & Company will showcase before-and- after images of transformed commercial storefronts, illustrating how buildings that have been altered in the past can have their presence restored.  Historic buildings in South Tacoma’s commercial district will provide many of the examples. Representatives from the City of Tacoma’s Department of Community and Economic Development and the Historic Preservation Office will discuss various financial resources and incentives, including the financial benefits of listing a historic building on Tacoma’s Register of Historic Places. Concluding the workshop is a discussion with property owners who have already gone through the rehabilitation process and taken advantage of the historic preservation special tax incentives. Continue reading ‘Historic Tacoma Facade Restoration Workshop – August 6, 2011’


Public Service Announcements About Preservation in Washington State

The Washington State Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation, Washington Trust for Historic Preservation and Washington Main Street Program recently released two public service announcements (PSAs) about historic preservation in Washington state. Check them out here! (Don’t click on the photo below–it’s not a link.)

Screenshot of PSA on YouTube

Architecture and Harry Potter

Screenshot of Architectural Digest photo gallery for Deathly Hallows: Part 2. Grigotts Wizarding Bank interior. Photo: Architectural Digest

In honor of opening day in the U.S. (July 15) of the last Harry Potter film, let’s take a look at how integral architecture is to “Deathly Hallows: Part 2.” Check out this Architectural Digest article about production design. Don’t miss the photo gallery. Talk about amazing sets! This last movie outdoes itself. MAin2 will find out tonight!

Final Environmental Impact Statement for Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Project Released

Ca. 1960 photo of the Alaskan Way Viaduct / Source: UW Special Collections

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) and City of Seattle released the Final Environmental Impact Statement and Section 4(f) for the SR 99 Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Project last Thursday, July 7. Here’s WSDOT’s press release.

This hefty document is available for online viewing where you can download pdfs for free. Here’s info on how to request a hard copy (it’ll cost you $50-125) or obtain a free CD.

A project as large in scale and scope as this one involves many effects to the environment and Seattle’s neighborhoods. Effects on historic and cultural resources are many. MAin2 will follow up with a future blog post that goes further into this issue of effects on our cultural resources.

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