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Preservation and Sustainability in Cuba

Havana, 2004 / Photo: Eugenia Woo

Seattle preservationist and developer Kevin Daniels was in Havana last week. He was part of a group of preservation and sustainability professionals who were in the Cuban capital on an educational and cultural exchange sponsored by International Sustainable Solutions and Global Exchange. Kevin blogged about his experience and posted his thoughts in the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s blog. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to visit Cuba have found the experience transformative. The architecture in Havana is fascinating (from high-style to vernacular), but it’s the people and Cuban culture that give the place true meaning. We learn from each other.

Kevin’s observations and lessons learned are must-reads. Here are the posts:

Preservation Meets Sustainability in Old Havana

Cuba Offers Lessons on Community, Preservation

Arts and Letters Take Center Stage on Cuba Visit

Beautiful Countryside and Notable Quotes Close Out Cuba Trip


Ignoring America’s Treasures

Chapel Car 5 Messenger of Peace, 2009 Save America's Treasures Grant Recipient / Photo: Northwest Railway Museum, National Register nomination

News of the proposed federal budget cuts for two major preservation funding programs (Save America’s Treasures and Preserve America) hit the streets earlier this month. The National Trust for Historic Preservation has launched an aggressive advocacy campaign to save these programs.  According to the Trust, “In addition to slashing funding for National Heritage Areas by 50%, the proposal would eliminate two key preservation programs – Save America’s Treasures and Preserve America. The reality is this funding matters now more than ever, and not just because these programs protect and preserve our national heritage. From coast to coast, people need jobs and cities need engines for economic development – two things these programs have a proven track record of creating.” Continue reading ‘Ignoring America’s Treasures’

2010 Most Endangered Properties List: Call for Nominations

Alki Homestead, West Seattle (2009 Most Endangered Properties List) / Photo: Eugenia Woo

Washington Trust Announces a Call for Nominations to the 2010 Most Endangered Historic Properties List


The Washington Trust for Historic Preservation is seeking nominations to its 2010 Most Endangered Historic Properties List.  Nomination forms may be obtained through the Trust’s website.

The on-going threats to historic properties statewide include demolition, neglect, incompatible development and insensitive alteration.  These types of threats and many others impact resources across Washington that all contribute to the heritage and vitality of our state, enhancing the quality of life in small towns, large cities and across rural areas.  Inclusion in the Most Endangered List can be an important initial step in advocacy campaigns designed to bring attention to significant historic resources. Continue reading ‘2010 Most Endangered Properties List: Call for Nominations’

2010 AKCHO Awards Program Nomination Deadline: February 15

Logo courtesy of AKCHO

The deadline for the 2010 AKCHO Awards is coming up February 15. It’s time to recognize the many worthy endeavors of 2009!

Available awards include the Long Term Project Award, the Single Impact Event Award, the Exhibit Award, the Youth Award, the Heritage Education Award, the Willard Jue Memorial Award, the Virginia Marie Folkins Award, and the Charles Payton Award for Heritage Advocacy. Please visit AKCHO’s website for further details on these awards and for nomination forms.

Help Preserve Community: The Ninth Ward in New Orleans

September 2009 Volunteers / Photo: Kevin Daniels

For the last few years, Kevin Daniels has been leading groups of volunteers in helping to rebuild houses in the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans. The devastating aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is still very evident. There is still much to do to revitalize this community. Kevin is leading another team of volunteers April 5-9. For more information on how you can participate, please read this message.

From Kevin Daniels:

As preservationists we have a common love of the built environment and all of the rich and diverse cultural heritage stories that go along.  Many of us have been involved in numerous battles to save a piece of the architectural heritage that we personally hold dear; and most of us have felt the painful sting when we lose the battle. Continue reading ‘Help Preserve Community: The Ninth Ward in New Orleans’

Research Tools You Can Use: UW Architecture of the Pacific Northwest Database

Seattle Art Museum, designed by Bebb & Gould, 1931 / Source: UW Special Collections, Architecture Collection

Researching history and architecture can be labor intensive and time-consuming but the rewards that come with it can be really satisfying especially when you find what you’re looking for. Architectural drawings are very useful research materials for restoration or renovation projects. Hand-drawn architectural plans can also be artworks in themselves. A great resource for plans is the University of Washington’s Architecture of the Pacific Northwest Database. You can search for drawings by building style or by architect.

What is this? Architectural Quiz No. 2

What is this? / Photo: Eugenia Woo

Ok, time for another quiz. This photo shows two architectural features. What is the name of the center ornament? What type of border design is that above the center ornament? Continue reading ‘What is this? Architectural Quiz No. 2’

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